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Targets and Ranges : The Iraqi Journal of Statistical Sciences (IJSS) is a national scientific journal issued by the College of Computer Sciences and Mathematics, University of Mosul. This journal publishes researches written in English or Arabic in the jurisdictions: Statistical Sciences, Mathematics , Operations Research and Information Technology. This journal is founded in 2001, and the submission to the journal is open to researchers of all nationalities. - Number of volumes of the journal is 2 per year . - Number of versions that were issued during the period between 2001-2013 is 23. -...
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Publisher: Mosul University

Email:  Iraqi.jurnaistatistic@yahoo.com

Editor-in-chief: Professor Dr. Mowafaq Muhammed T.AL-Kassab

ISSN: 1680-855X

Spatial Prediction for Real Data using Kriging Technique


This study investigates the prediction of unstable random spatial process using the Ordinary Kriging technique, based on the variogram function Y(X,Y) in finding out the predictors, and the universal multivariate technique, which has been applied by computing the Cross Variogram Function. Practically, the data were taken from a geological study conducted in the Department of Geography, Faculty of Education, Mosul University. The study includes the height levels of (40) oil wells in Kirkuk. We discovered out the estimation of the Variogram and Cross the Variogram functions as well as the Mean Squared Error (MSE). Most of the results have been presented in tables and figures and the results were generally good, acceptable and close to reality,Our results showed that the overall Kriging technique or technique that was computed by the Cross Variogram Function was better than the Ordinary Kriging technique or technique based on the variogram function. .

Construction of the Transfer Model by Using Fuzzy Data: A Comparative Study


يتضمن ىذا البحث استخدام بعض التقنيات الإحصائية لد ا رسة السمسمة الزمنية لمسعر
العالمي لمحنطة كسمسمة مخرجات ، والإنتاج العالمي لمحنطة كسمسمة مدخلات ، وذلك باستخدام
نماذج دالة التح ويل عمى بيانات مستقرة مرة ، عمى بيانات مضببو ومستقرة مرة أخرى ثم المقارنة
بين ىاتين الحالتين لمحصول عمى أفضل نموذج دالة تحويل لمبيانات من خلال بعض معايير
التنبؤ ، وكان النموذج الملائم ليذه البيانات ىو نموذج دالة تحويل لبيانات مضببة ومستقرة
لامتلاكو أقل قيم لممعايير .

Using Markov Chains in Medical Field

IRAQI JOURNAL OF STATISTICAL SCIENCES, Volume 15, Issue 27, Pages 107-120

تم في ىذا البحث د ا رسة السمسمة الزمنية لعدد الإصابات بمرض ذات الرئة كمتسمسمة
ماركوف ، وذلك بوضع افت ا رضات عمى عدد الإصابات لصياغة المسألة وفق نموذج متسمسمة
ماركوف بالاعتماد عمى عدد الحالات التي تمثل الظاىر. وبعد إيجاد الصفات الإحصائية ليذه السمسمة
تبين أنيا ثبوتية ) Ergodic ( ، وتم إيجاد التوزيع المستقر ) Stationary distribution ( ليذه
السمسمة .

Expected demand for Electricity Residential sector in Nineveh governorate for the period (2004-2016) using Unobserved Components Model

IRAQI JOURNAL OF STATISTICAL SCIENCES, Volume 15, Issue 27, Pages 121-136

اىتم ىذا البحث بد ا رسة الطاقة الكيربائية في محافظة نينوى بواقع ) 69 ( شي ا رً ولممدة من
4002 ولغاية 4004 ، أظير التحميل الاحصائي لمبيانات المدروسة بانيا تحوي عمى التأثي ا رت
الموسمية والاتجاه العام وكذلك العشوائية، تم استخدام نموذج المكونات غير العشوائية ( UCM )
( Unobserved Components Model ( في تحميل السمسمة المدروسة والتنبؤ لمدة مستقبمية،
. إِذ تم التنبؤ لممدة من 4004 ولغاية 4009
وبالاعتماد عمى احصاءات حسن التوفيق لأخطاء التنبؤ، فقد تبين حسن مطابقة النموذج
لمبيانات المستخدمة في البحث.

New CG Method for Large-Scale Unconstrained Optimization Based on Nazareth theorem

Khalil . K. Abbo


In this paper we present new conjugate gradient method for computing the minimum value of differentiable real valued function in n variables ,this method derived from Nazareth theorem , which uses the equivalence of CG and Qusi–Newton methods on quadratic function also the descent property and Conjucy conditions are proved and compared with some well know CG method showing considerable improvement .

Comparison between the method of Fuzzy Control and Discriminate Function in the classification of some wells Nineveh

IRAQI JOURNAL OF STATISTICAL SCIENCES, Volume 11, Issue 20, Pages 315-330

In this study, the construction of a Fuzzy Inference Control to determine the validity of the quality of ground water wells of some of Nineveh province, through a series of observations that were obtained from the areas under study. To illustrate the importance of the model it was compared with the Discriminate Function that classify the individual to the right community. The model , has proved a model of control Fuzzy high efficiency in the determination of the validity of each well is compared to a model Discriminate Function was the only classification of the wells under study where there it is valid or invalid to drink, as well as easy construction of the computational procedures required to build a Fuzzy Inference model compared to complex computational procedures required by the Discriminate Function. The configured model can be used in future to distinguish the quality of any groundwater wells based on qualitative characteristics of the waters.
Keyword: Fuzzy Control, Discriminate Function, groundwater.

Create Hybrid System (Artificial Neural Networks and Fuzzy System) tp Arrange Websites According to there Quality

IRAQI JOURNAL OF STATISTICAL SCIENCES, Volume 10, Issue 17, Pages 473-494

The main of this study is to give model to estimate Websites quality by Artificial Neural Network and fuzzy system to arrange these websites according to there quality depending on the values that get it during the application of the model on these webs, this models contain the most important element suggested for quality criteria like the content quality, availability, reliability, performances and some other elements that must took care when estimating websites with possibility to apply it on all webs by using numeral numbers to meager these categories, in order to get a syntactic model can depended on in estimating websites for easy access to good websites and notarization information can use it in scientific research

Analysis and Modeling Time Series of Water Flow into Mosul City A Comparative Study


This paper presents fits for neural network model , and comparative resulting forecasts with those obtained from Box-Jenkins Method. We use time series data of Tigris's monthly flow into Mosul city from 1950-1995. To perform a comparative . forecasting work through the Box-Jenkins and neural network doesn't mean working with two different or competing aspect ; on the contrary choosing a proper architecture of neural net works requires using the skills of statistical modeling . As for application , Box-Jenkins Method has given more appropriate forecasts than those given by feed forward artificial neural network . We used Minitab and SPSS programs in the statistical aspect and Alyuda program in the neural network aspect.

Revised model for radial Basis Function


In this paper , a revised model for radial basis function has been done with application of sunspot time series. It has been arrived at a revised model for nonlinear time series. The probability characteristics have been explained for such series with chaotic analysis of the simulated data from revised model ,which indicates that the revised model is chaotic and bayesian information criterion ( BIC) Schwarz information criterion (SIC)and the error are better than radial basis function

Comparison between some linear filter with application


This paper deals with the comparison between some linear filter for time series represented by Weiner filter through autoregressive model,moving averagemodel and difference filter. An application for lung cancer Time Series in Mosul city during (1990-2000) are also considered.

Bayesian Analysis of Mixture of Normal Factor Analysis Model

IRAQI JOURNAL OF STATISTICAL SCIENCES, Volume 13, Issue 25, Pages 275-297

Factor analysis model belongs to a family of linear models and because the multivariate data sets do not vacate outliers . For this reason , this paper is concerned with Bayesian analysis of mixed normal factor analysis model . The mixture normal distribution treats the observations of a sample as they are taken from two different populations and none from single population . The model is analyzed when the common factor is (stochastic and non-stochastic) variable . We suppose that all the parameters of the model are unknown , some of them have prior distributions belong to the conjugate family.

A Comparison between some Statistical Analyses in a Study of the Power of pH and the Concentration of CO2 in Tigris River Through Mosul City

IRAQI JOURNAL OF STATISTICAL SCIENCES, Volume 11, Issue 20, Pages 184-203

Al-Sanjary (2001) mentioned the values of mean and standard deviation of the power of hydrogen (pH) and concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the water of Tigris river in Mosul city, the study was applied over five locations during ten months. This information were used to simulate thirty values of each location during each month. The simulated data were used to compare some statistical analyses which are: analysis of variance followed by Student Newman Keules Test to compare between the means, factor analysis with axes rotation and the simple correlation coefficient. The results are presented in figures and charts to simplify the visual comparisons. The statistical analyses approach to the same conclusions. It was concluded that the power of pH and the concentration of CO2 were highly effective in the region of Danadan, also the two variables were increasing in September. However the regions affected the two variables more than that months did.

Extract Hidden Information in Digital Images

IRAQI JOURNAL OF STATISTICAL SCIENCES, Volume 8, Issue 13, Pages 136-151

One of the Problems of image processing is that there is plenty of hidden information among the gray levels of these images. In this research the histogram technique is widely used for image enhancement to extract that information. Through the applications applied to different types of images better results were obtained compared with the original ones which were processed via the proposed algorithm.

Key Words : Digital Image Processing, Image Enhancement, Histogram, Feature Extraction.

Chaotic Analysis of Radial Basis Model


In this paper, a simulation has been done for the radial basis model of sunspot time series . Chaotic analysis of the simulated data from model, and the study of the chaotic behavior for such a model indicates that the model is chaotic and the sunspot time series is chaos .

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